July 25, 2008

Settlers 4

Update by: Dj Simo
Submitted by: nightraider

Enter !wqsa during game play to enable cheat mode.
Then, enter one of the following codes.

Result Code
Win current level - !win
Lose level - !lose
More resources - !incr

Advance time:
Press [F12] to advance time by one minute.

Submitted: ToxicBoy
The enemy will do battle whit you in about 50 min.

Modifying Config Files:
In the Settlers 4 CONFIG folder, there is a file called magic.cfg.
You can edit this file to change values in the game. Please note
that these changes also affect your enemies in the same way.
Always make a backup before editing any system files.

Submitted: tom
I was looking for a cheat for settlers 4,
and well all that i found didn't seem to
work so decided to try an old cheat from
settlers 3 and it worked, here it is:-

Press F12 on your keyboard and one
minute will have elapsed (Gone)
For all players.

This is really good when you have lots of buildings to
complete building or if you want your troops to get to
there desination quicker.