November 05, 2008

3D Space Cadet Pinball

Unlimited balls:
Type bmax at the full screen when the game firsts starts up.

This will work on Windows XP, but not on Windows NT 4.0. When the above code says "full screen", it does not mean the full screen when the game starts up. Press [F4] to enter the full screen
game mode and the code will work. The extra balls will appear from the yellow wormhole. Enabling this code will disable high scores from being recorded.

Extra balls:
Type 1max during game play to earn extra balls.

Activate Gravity Well:
Type gmax at the start of the game to activate the Gravity Well.

Complete promotion:
Type rmax during gameplay to instantly complete promotion.

Note: You will not earn points doing this.

More points:
Light up all three lights at the top by going through the slots. The bumpers will change colors and are worth more points. When deploying a ball hit it soft so it only goes up to the third
light on the far right side. You will get 75,000 points.

To earn points, start a game. When playing a game, send the ball through the Hyperspace Chute to spin the flag. While it is spinning, start a new game. That flag will still spin and you will earn some points at the start of the new game.

Enable the bmax code to keep getting balls when you lose them. You can get a very high score by doing this. If you do this and get a high enough score, keep pressing [Bump] so it says "TILT" and you will lose a ball.

Note: You can also use the 1max code after you lose a ball to keep going. This way, you do not have to tilt the board when you want to quit. If you restart a bad game when you are going through a wheel door at the correctly moment, you will get the points for it.

Debug mode:
Type hidden test during game play. You can now click and drag the mouse to control the ball. Press one of the following keys to activate the corresponding debug function.

KEY Effect
H - Display and edit high-score table
M - Display current system memory
R - Increase game ranking
Y - Display frame rate in title bar
B - Immediately get new ball when one is lost
F12 - Low fuel
F11 - Unknown
F15 - Unknown

Complete one mission for promotion:
Complete cadet with the science mission. Just as the mission lights are flashing, drain the ball as quickly as you can. If you do not want to lose a ball, make sure have an extra ball or replay. After the ball returns to the plunger, you will be on the next level with full mission lights. Now you only need complete one mission for each level. Make sure you get an extra ball or replay before repeating this trick otherwise you will not make it very far.

Extra balls:
Hyperspace is one way to earn extra balls. The other way is to upgrade the three flags directly above the drainage chute three times in quick succession. Each time you do, another light below the flags will light up. Get all three to light up together to earn an extra ball. This has the advantage over the hyperchute, as you are in complete control. With hyperspace, the ball still has to go into one of the launch chutes to earn the extra ball - and it is a matter luck if that happens or not.

Beginning bonus:
When you first shoot the ball, do not use enough force to send the ball up to the top. Get it past the first light, and if done correctly, it should go back down and to the left on a little ramp for a "Skill Shot Bonus". How many points you get in the bonus depends on how far the ball went before dropping back. If you get the ball to light all the lights in the shoot-off ramp then make it drop back, you can get up to 75,000 bonus points. The lowest bonus is 15,000.

Rapid level advancement using Time Warp:
Once you have attained the level of Commander (level 6) you can select the Time Warp mission by lighting all three mission lights. This is an easy mission to complete. You need only hit the various rebound bumpers 25 times, followed by a launch chute. This sends you "forward in time" and will usually advance you to Admiral l(level 8) instantly.

Replay function:
The replay function is the red light next to the left flipper. If you lose your ball and the red light is on, you will get another ball. The replay action is better than an extra ball because when you lose, you do not abort your missions and do not have to start all over again. To get the replay function light on, you have to open the wormholes by hitting the Space Warp target (the small red button near the entrance of the Hyperspace chute). The wormhole lights will then light up to a color (red, yellow, or green). You now have to get the ball in the wormhole of that color to turn on the replay function.

Skip the new game music:
While the game is starting a new game, press [F2] again during the music and sound effects to start the game immediately.

Change background music:
Note: This procedure involves changing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Enter the game folder and delete the "pinball.mid" file. Get any MIDI file desired, save it in that folder and rename it to "pinball.mid".

Note: It can only be a MIDI file.

Keyboard touch:
As your score climbs higher and higher, it becomes more difficult to touch the keyboard as softly and gently as possible. It becomes a bit of a challenge to see how softly you can do it and this seems to lead to much higher scores. Perhaps because you have to control the amount of force applied, better control of the game is achieved.

Red streak:
When you start the game and the ball is dropped, press [F2] to restart. When the ball is redropped again, enable the hidden test code. Then, press Y to access the frame rate. After that deploy the ball using [Space]. Do not hit it. When it goes between the flippers and you lose a ball press H. When the high score screen appears, press [Enter]. If the ball does not make a red streak behind it, press [F2] again and it should work. Note: This does not work every time.


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