August 02, 2008

Star Trek - Armada 2


Press [Enter] during game play, type one of the following codes, then press [Enter].

Result Code
Increase ship AI - canofwhoopass
Additional Dilithium - showmethemoney
Boot list in multi-player mode - screwyouguysimgoinghome
Chat list in multi-player mode - phonehome
Mission skip - kobayashimaru
Lose mission - kobayashimaru_lost
Enter Gamma quadrant - imouttastepwithreality
Enemy's science ships disappear - nomoreships
Faster ship production - youstopmecold
Faster crew production - avoidance

free ships and instant building:
Submitted by: Alan Guess

go into the folder you installed amarda 2 into then go to folder odf and then go into ships you will see a lot of files concerning ships data.[back up all files you change first]
1. open a file with write or word, and go to line that says 'dilithiam cost' and change the number to 0, do the same to 'build time' and 'metal cost'
2. do this to all the files you want to in the race you are playing eg, fed/borg/... then load the game and start building for free.

you can also do this to the stations.

Add Dilithium:
Hit [ENTER] to bring up the comm screen, then type "showmethemoney" to add 2000 dilithium.

Cheat Method:
Open the RTS_CFG.H file. Go to the line under difficulty settings and modify the line to says what you want. // // DIFFICULTY SETTINGS // // Damage coefficients for incoming damage for user in single player float EASY_DAMAGE = 0.5; float HARD_DAMAGE = 2.0;

If you set it to 0 your ships will not be damaged. However some nebulas still damage the ships if you leave them in it to long.

NOTE: Always make a backup before editing files.

Increase Officers:
To increase the amount of officers just change the following line in the RTS_CFG.h file for Armada II from 600 to 999.

// the max value that officer capacity can be in a single player game, and default in multiplayer game. int SINGLE_PLAYER_OFFICER_LIMIT = 600;


You can open the mission files in the bzn folder by using the editor on the Armada II disk, right click on any mission you want to edit and go to properties and take off the "read only" tick and you can then edit and save the missions in the game, for instance; on the last mission with the Borg put starbases a fair distance away and around the fluidic gate and you will
be able to build your base up with no problems at all.