August 04, 2008

Wizard & Warriors

Unlimited Gold:

Here's an easy way to make money, and all it takes is a little bit of your time. Create as many characters in The inn as you can, add Them to your party with one of your regular party members, and delete the newly created characters. Your party regular will receive all of their starting gold: 200 gold pieces per character.

Get Lots of Gold:
Create a bunch of characters and add each to the party. Take the money from them and delete them from the party. Repeat as needed

Keep an eye on party balance. An Oomphaz is strong, but very slow. Maybe a Gourk or a Dwarf would be a better warrior option. On the Wizard front, a Whiska might be a stouter companion than a Pixie would.

The game doesn't feature a Reroll button for character creation, but you can still opt for better stats. Just be sure to back completely out of the process to do it.

When negotiating the difficult leaps and climbing portions of the game, it's best to use the keyboard. It'll give you the precision you need.

Get Lots of Gold:

Okay, get six characters, got to town, pool gold to any player except the first one. Leave town. Go back into town, Go directly to the inn, pool gold to the first player, remove all characters but the first player, then add all players back to the party and pool gold again, your money should double, this will continue to add the same amount of cash until you do something other than this trick, if you go somewhere or buy something you have to start over
again. But as long as you remain in the inn and continue to remove characters and add them back, it will work.